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  • Samantha Brody

Machane Yehuda Food Favorites

Shuk Machane Yehuda is a must-visit for everyone in Jerusalem, tourists and locals included. But with all the stalls and restaurants covering every inch of the shuk, and the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds that always seem to fill the space, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to go for a snack or a drink. In honor of Jerusalem Day this Friday (May 22), check out these recommendations below, and share your favorites with anyone headed to Israel (as soon as we can)!

1. Hatch

Hatch is a trendy brewery in the shuk and a favorite for many visitors. They serve craft beers, delicious wings, fries, and my personal favorite, frozé (frozen rosé!!!). Their menu might scare some people with their apparently unkosher food, but not to worry! Hatch is certified kosher and uses fake cheese to add creamy flavors to their fries and wings. Reading their menu is enough to get a chuckle out of anyone, and it makes for an overall fun experience. Plus, they employ new olim, so you can always try to play a little Jewish geography!

2. Etrog Man

Home to the most interesting juices you'll find around, Etrog Man is a hidden gem and must-taste on a hot day. Through health-promoting fruits and vegetables, Etrog Man creates energizing juices to boost your day. And if you happen upon Etrog Man just before closing on Shabbat, he'll mix up all of the leftover ingredients from the day into a surprisingly delicious and unique treat!

3. Tap & Tail

Tap and Tail is a fun cocktail bar near the back entrance of the shuk - featuring fun, colorful, and unique drinks that are sure to wow. A visit here is a fun and exciting way to experience Jerusalem nightlife!

4. JachnunBar

JachnunBar is not only found in the shuk, but it's a notable spot if you're looking for a quick, savory, and filling bite to eat. Their jachnun is fresh and delicious, but the real star is their malawach, a Yemenite flatbread filled with egg, sharif, fried onion, labeneh, green tehina, eggplant, hummus, and so much more. It's made to order for those picky eaters, and it's absolutely delicious as a lunch or dinner option on the go.

5. Kortoshuk

Kortoshuk is a relatively new addition to the Machane Yehuda scene. They serve a Hungarian "kortush", a flaky pastry cone rolled in cinnamon or chocolate, but they fill it with ice cream and a beautiful arrangement of your choice of toppings. It's Instagram-able AND delicious!

They're hard to find online, so here's their Facebook page.

6. BeerBazaar

BeerBazaar is a tourist favorite and a great spot to try tons of different unique beers. It's a great place to sit and sip if you're looking for a relaxed night, or stop by for a few drinks before heading into the crowds!

7. Marzipan

You didn't think we forgot Marzipan, did you? Home to the famous rugelach every mom asks you to bring home from your Birthright trip and incredible fresh challot and pastries for Shabbos, Marzipan is certainly a favorite spot. After a long night out in the shuk, we recommend picking up a piece of chocolate rugelach for just a shekel or two before you head home.

Did we mention your Machane Yehuda must-haves? What are your favorites? Did we miss anything? Share your favorites!


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