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How to Pack Israel Into Your College Suitcase

As college move-in dates start to quickly approach, it can be hard to see some friends headed off to the Holy Land when you're staying on this side of the ocean. But not to fear! You can make your college experience a little more Israel-filled with these quick tips:


Hang an Israeli Flag

This is a super easy one. They're under $10 and are a great way to personalize your dorm room a bit. Show off your Zionist pride!

Grab a Mezuzah from Israel

... if you have one! Chances are you've gotten a mezuzah as a gift for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or graduation, so check around and see if you've got a piece of Israel to hang. Bonus points for Jerusalem stone.

Bring Some Books About Israel

Reading is a great way to spend some free time, and who wouldn't want to be prepared when a new friend asks to learn a bit about Israel? Our favorites are:


Bring a pair of Blundstones.

They've got mad Israeli vibes and they're super versatile! What is more worth it to have at college than a pair of Blundstones? That's right... two pairs of Blundstones. You'll be walking around campus and every Jewish student will know exactly what's up.

Hold On To an Old T-Shirt

Whether it be a tee from your last trip to Israel or a piece of youth group regalia from an event where you learned something new, holding onto that memento will help remind you of the learning you've done. Plus, everyone knows old shirts are the comfiest.

Don't Forget Your Hadaya!

It's the most obvious identifier of any Israel-loving student on campus, so make sure you don't forget to put it on for move-in day!


Take Hebrew.

If your school requires that you take a foreign language class, take Hebrew! You'll get to have a short burst of Israeli flavor in your schedule, and you'll have an excuse to hum Omer Adam songs in class. What could be better?

Find a Class about Israel

Depending on your university, you may be able to find a class about Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or the Middle East. Use your college experience to study the things you love! Even if it's not your major, taking an Israel-related class as an elective can be a great way to fill credits and keep yourself engaged in the ever-changing world of Israel education.

Check out Hillel!

Hillels and satellite Jewish/pro-Israel clubs are great resources for finding events related to Israel on your campus. Check out some of their events for interesting speakers, activities, and exciting celebrations throughout the year! Bonus: Zionist friends!

How are you bringing Israel with you to college? Share this article with your college-bound friends and share your tips too!


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