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Engage with Israeli life. Experience Israeli culture. Find your Israeli connection.

A crucial piece of Israel education is discovering why Israel is important to you. Only once Israel is personally relevant can both your learning and educating truly become effective.

How can I do this?

The easiest way is to go to Israel and experience it for yourself. Trips through USY and Masa Israel are great options for summer travel and finding gap years before college, but there are also plenty more in your community. Ask your rabbi, synagogue, teachers, youth professionals, and friends what programs might be right for you!

You don't have to go to Israel to be engaged, though. Here are a few tips to making Israel a part of your daily life, wherever you are:

1. Listen to Israeli music. Here's a chill playlist and an upbeat playlist to get you started.

2. Eat like an Israeli! You can make shakshuka, falafel, Israeli salad, or any number of other sauces and dishes at home!

3. Watch Israeli TV shows! Fauda, When Heroes Fly, Shtisel, The Spy, and Greenhouse Academy are all on Netflix in English!

I'm planning a program/event. How do I incorporate this?

Make it fun! Run simulations, play games, sing, dance, and incorporate little bits of culture into places that are often overlooked. Every little bit you add will help someone else find "their Israel" at your event!

Some ideas for programs you can run: 

  • Israeli music karaoke/Eurovision

  • Israeli Iron Chef

  • Potluck Israeli dinner

  • IDF Obstacle Course

  • Start-Up Shark Tank

  • Kineret Water Filter Building

  • Waze Scavenger Hunt

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