• Samantha Brody

2020's Tunes out of Tel Aviv

It's been a while since we've updated our Israeli music playlists, and we're sure it's been the same for you! If you're still listening to "Tel Aviv" and "Tudo Bom", make sure to refresh your palate with some of Israel's newest releases!

Looking for a song to dance around the living room to? "Kapara" has a fun rhythm to jam to! Rotem Cohen has several songs featuring Spanish lyrics and musicality, and this is another to add to his repertoire!

This 2020 release by Ido B & Zooki welcomes the musical duo to a group with the likes of Netta, Static & Ben El, and Nadav Gudej. "Rocketships" is entirely in English, marking a growing trend of English Israeli music. It's hard rock and quite different from usual Israeli music, but that's what makes it so unique!

Idan Raichel is known for his moving ballads, but this anthem alongside Stav Beger is one for the ages. It's great to jam out to in the car and on the dance floor. You're sure to see this one in flash mobs (once when we can gather again)!

You may know Subliminal from "Ba Li Tov", but you're never going to forget his name after you hear this song. The upbeat melody and rhythm make sure you can't help but dance when you hear it!

Omer Adam and Eden Ben Zaken are two of the most popular artists in Israeli pop music today, which means that this new release packs some serious star power. It's definitely a weird one, but it has one feature that is sure to drop jaws: its lyrics are in English, Hebrew, Spanish, and even includes some Arabic slang! Can anyone say polylingual?!

Another duo with Omer Adam, this time featuring Elia Rosilio, and another great jam! "Hishtagea HaOlam" is a great one to belt out on a long car ride or to serenade a crowd with in karaoke (if your karaoke machine has Hebrew!) It's relaxing but powerful and fun enough to cheer you up on a rainy day!

This last song is a true power trio: Omer Adam, Lior Narkis (you know him from Mahapecha Shel Simcha) and Moshe Peretz (think "Hi Raz Rotzah Lirkod")! It has a rhythm recognizable as more Mizrachi than Western, and its message is one for the ages, filled with language about being together. It even features a line from "Vehi Sheamda": "v'HaKadosh Baruch Hu matzileinu mi-yadam". It's a beautiful ballad to wind down a great day!


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