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Lamed: Israel Education

Engage. Educate. Apply. Israel.

"Lamed" is the Hebrew root for the verb "to teach". But Lamed does more than just teach. למד is also found in the root for "to learn", and here at Lamed: Israel Education, we use our platform to both learn and teach in order to expand our community's experience with Israel. Through engaging with Israeli culture and people, educating about politics and daily life, and teaching how to apply this knowledge in the world, Lamed aims to prepare the greater community with a well-rounded, multifaceted understanding of Israel so that information can be more evenly distributed to the next generation of leaders.

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Sometimes, It's Not About Israel

We spend a not-insignificant amount of time as a Jewish community discussing Israel. Especially in a post-1967 age, it's difficult not...

The Case for Zionism

Making a case for Israel against anyone is tricky, and certain arguments are more complicated to counter than others. However, there are...

Online, Zionists Unite!

The first step toward making a difference for Israel is ensuring that Israel has support as an existing entity. We can't affect change in...

Home vs. Home

So first off let me lay this on the line so we’re all being honest with each other. I’ve worn a kippah for about 3 year. I’ve kept...

Being an Activist for Israel

What is Activism? Activism is defined as "the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change,"...

Lessons from the Inside

As coronavirus continues to spread, gap year students living in Israel for the year have been returning home in large numbers. Upon...

Opinion: Pa'am Shlishit Glidah?

Just yesterday, millions of Israelis poured into polling stations for the third time this year, ready to cast their ballots once again...

Perks of Being a Tourist

Spending a year in Israel makes many a gap year student ask "the question": how can I not look like a tourist? From American accents and...

Opinion: Education to Educate

I recently had an interesting conversation about the difference between teaching for the sake of learning and teaching for the sake of...

Letter from a Diaspora Jew

I was not born in Israel, I never made aliyah, and I don't even know if I will ever... being a Diaspora Jew is more than you think it is.

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