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Lamed is a source for teens looking to expand their experience with Israel. Through engaging with Israeli culture and people, educating about politics and daily life, and teaching how to apply this knowledge in the world, Lamed aims to prepare teens with a well-rounded, multifaceted understanding of Israel so that information can be more evenly distributed to the next generation of leaders.

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Easy Recipes for Israeli Cooking!

Bored at home? Want to learn how to cook but don't know what to make? Check out some of these easy-to-learn dishes to transport yourself to Israel (even if it's just for dinner!)!


Shakshuka has become the most popular recipe for Jewish people in quarantine. It's Snapchat-able, it's Instagram-able, and most importantly, it's easy as pie! You can customize shakshuka a million ways, too! My favorite is just to put some red peppers in there and a little extra garlic since I almost never have the right spices in the house. Still tastes delicious!

Here's my favorite recipe from Cookie and Kate.


This is SO easy. You don't even need a recipe! Just slice up some eggplant into 1/2 inch-thick slices and fry it in olive oil or vegetable oil until both sides are browned (you'll need to flip them). Put it in a pita with some...

Israeli Salad/Salat Yerakot/Salat Katzutz/Salat Aravi/Salat Turka

Another super easy one. Just dice some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers (approximately a 1:1 ratio) and toss with some lemon juice to keep it fresh. I like to add a little bit of cilantro as well, as long as it doesn't taste like soap to you!

You can even top your salad with the best condiment ever...


Okay. I LOVE tehina. Tehina on salad, tehina on falafel, tehina on pasta, and even tehina-flavored ice cream! And it's so easy to mix up! Just get yourself some raw tehina (it comes in a jar) and mix it up with some lemon juice, olive oil, and spices.

There are a dozen different ways to make it, starting with either tehina paste or raw sesame seeds. Here's one example, but feel free to look up your own or adjust it to your taste!


You can use your homemade tehina to make some homemade hummus, too! Not so hard, you just need a food processor! Here's a pretty easy recipe you can use to enjoy with some veggies, pita, or just plain (we get it).

Ice Cafe

Love coffee? Need a cool drink for summer? Just miss your Aroma or Cofix ice cafe? You're in luck! You can blend up this super easy ice cafe right from home! Here's the recipe I use: Ice Café (Inspired by Aroma)

And if you're really kitchen challenged...


Make some lemonade. Powder, fresh, straight out of a bottle... doesn't matter. Then put a bunch of mint leaves in the bottle and let it sit for a while. Around an hour and a half should do it for maximum flavor. Then just pour and enjoy!

Send these recipes to your friends and family if you're looking for a fun activity or a new idea for a meal this season. Happy quarantine!


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