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  • Samantha Brody

The Tenents of Israel Education

Lamed focuses on three core values in order to achieve well-rounded education about Israel. Want to learn more? Here's a short summary of each of them and how you can ~ apply ~ them!


Connecting people to Israel is key to teaching them about it. After all, if they don’t feel a significant relationship with Israel,  then learning about Israel will feel the same as learning about anything else in class. Interesting, but not personal. Israel has to be made important to people for them to care to explore it!

What it looks like: 

  • Incorporating Israel into the mainstream culture: music, food, dance, etc.

  • People enjoying learning about Israel!

How to implement it: 

  • Make programs and events fun! Learning doesn't have to be boring!

  • Share Israeli culture casually! Snack on Bamba at lunch, play Israeli music at a dance party, and share a couple of fun facts at meals or during short bursts of free time!


We want people to know about Israel, right? Those deep discussions about Israel’s Jewish identity can’t be held unless people understand what Israel is about. This means providing people with news updates, historical information, and access to cultural immersion (Hebrew, etc.) that teaches them about any aspect of Israeli life.

What it looks like:

  • Facts and figures

  • News articles

  • Information of any kind!

How to implement it: 

  • Programs are a great way to educate people about Israel. Try doing reenactments, game shows, and other immersive experiences to teach new information. Education doesn’t have to be in a classroom! 

  • Share news updates with other USYers when you see them, either on social media or in person. Just make sure to fact- and bias-check!


This is the ultimate goal. After developing a reason to take interest in Israel and accumulating knowledge about it, the next step is to use that knowledge. This means having discussions, learning how to advocate for your own beliefs, and teaching others what you have learned. 

What it looks like:

  • Advocacy

  • Teaching others how to effectively teach

  • Meaningful, informed discussions

How to implement it: 

  • Encourage people to have discussions about Israel! Whether in a program or during some down time, engage your peers in dialogue.


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