• Samantha Brody

#Basic Laws of Israel

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Okay... let's get to it, people. Israel's Basic Laws are fundamental, but they're anything but basic. They're long, they're confusing, and they are boring as all else. So... we've given them an upgrade: short tweets summarizing their content and message, all capped at 280 characters. Now that's readable, and dare we say... basic?

If you're trying to understand Israel's legal documentation but are falling asleep like any normal person would, here's the rundown (and a good laugh):

Basic Law: The Knesset (1958)

Basic Law: Israel Lands (1960)

Basic Law: President of the State (1964)

Basic Law: The Government (2001)

Basic Law: The State Economy (1975)

Basic Law: The Military (1976)

Basic Law: Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel (1980)

Basic Law: The Judiciary (1984)

Basic Law: The State Comptroller (1988)

Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation (1992, 1994)

Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty (1992)

Basic Law: Referendum (2014)

Basic Law: The State Budget for the Years 2017 and 2018 (Special Provisions) (Temporary Provision)

Basic Law: Israel - The Nation-State of the Jewish People (2018)

Hope you learned something and enjoyed a new way to explore Israel! If you're looking for some more Israeli comedy gold, check out the @Israel Twitter account (they are interesting and SAVAGE)!


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